CoNGA is the Cogniton and Neuroscience Group of Antwerp, Belgium. It brings together researchers from a variety of fields, including cognitive science, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, and many others. Its main goal is to connect researchers working on the broad topic of cognition in order to share knowledge, foster collaboration and make the most of the diverse expertise that different research labs have.

We organize regular meetings to discuss topics of interest to the group or present ongoing work. People with stronger expertise on the relevant topic give short presentations to start discussions. Whenever possible, guest researchers are invited to present their current research. Our meetings are open to everybody sharing an interest in cognition, from whatever background: the more the merrier!

If you wanna know more about us, our previous meetings and our research interests, explore the website and write us an e-mail to neocortex.antwerp@gmail.com. We also have a Facebook group: check it out and keep in touch!

If you want to meet us, check the calendar for the next meeting and join us!